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I pressed the button on my box last week.

I did it with full confidence, despite knowing that I would hurt someone- for all I know, I could have even killed someone. I- I can't I can't say I don't regret it, now that I've received nothing except guilt, but... you have to realize that I had to do it. I have to go home to Victoria. Don't all of you understand? I can't remain here and spend unnecessary hours waiting, not when I've got less than a week left. Less than a weak to determine the rest of my life.

The right thing to do- the way I can make up for it all, would be to give away my mushroom. Remember that incident with the bear? I still have it on me-- that magical mushroom which can restore a single life. And to consider how many people have died even this month...

But I won't be giving it to anyone. I need to save it for Yvaine or myself because how could I deliver a star to Victoria if the star dies? It's not so unlikely at this point- I suppose living forever's enough to make some people do just about anything, but all I want is Victoria.

If I can't win Victoria's hand in marriage, then what else do I have? The humdrum of mediocrity day in and day out?

I'm just a shopboy, you know. You can't expect so much out of me.
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