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[ The sound of chirping crickets has become the usual chorus for Tristan's posts, but today there's an added hoot of an owl ]

Alright. Fine, fine- You know what, Yvaine? I give up.


[ Oh look, he's scared away all the birds from the trees again. ]

I've been wandering around bloody forest for nearly a month now. A month! I've searched for you in every nook and cranny— through the City proper, the beach, that park. I would have nearly trekked up that mountain if I hadn't decided to be sensible for once.

I know you don't want to be found. And yes, you have- you have a valid reason, but at least- At least-

At least tell me you're all right? Please.

[ A gap of silence - a few minutes of it, to be exact. ]

I just want to go home. I never- I never wanted this type of adventure, I mean- I've never even been out of Wall! It doesn't help that I've spent almost the entire time in this stinking- [ the sound of a thump as he kicks a tree] bloody forest.

And of course the City wants to rub it in my face! Let's bring in two men that look like your Father and put them right in front of you so you won't forget.

"Chaining up a woman, what would your father think?"

"Oh, look! It's not-you-father. Doesn't that make you think of home? By the way, how's Victoria doing- Wait, I forgot you're stuck in this City!"

I just-

[ a frustrated sigh, followed by another thump as he abuses the tree once more. Sadly, he ends up hurting himself rather than the trunk of the tree.]



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