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[ Betraying the heavy mood of the City, the center of town is relatively quiet. Only the soft patter of foot steps here and there and the murmuring of hushed voices reach the air, but if anyone was to pay attention, they might notice a orange-yellow orb making a low course across the sky. An orb that's heading for a direct target-- which just happens to be a certain [ profile] shiningdown. Ironic, isn't it? And the orb dips, gaining speed as it begins to fall toward earth, the light peeling back to reveal a young man with look of death (or at least shock) across his face. Finally he reaches his target, colliding directly into the woman, and in turn knocking them both into the fountain. There's a rather loud splash, as there obviously would be. ]

Oh, Mother! Mother, I've gotten you all wet!

[ absolutely furious splashing, like someone's just flailed her arms in exasperation...which Yvaine has ] Mother? Who's 'Mother'? Ow, would you get off of me already? ... [some more indignant splashing]

You are my mother! [he still hasn't gotten off her yet, probably too caught up in the moment to realize that he just might be heavy.] See, I've got this candle- I've got the candle you gave me, and I thought of you just like I was supposed to...then suddenly I was here!

[ a long pause........silence.....maybe just the sound of the fountain ] I'm as much your mother as you are a genius. Weren't you listening? I said, move! [the sound of...well she's trying to push him over now, not really caring if she tips him right over back into the fountain next to her or not because...he Isn't Listening fff ]

[ he lands beside her with another splash, choking on a gulp of water in the same motion.] But this candle is- [a fit of coughs] ...this candle should have taken me to my mother! Unless-- [ there's a stunned look on his face, his mouth half agape and eyes wide as he focuses them on Yvaine. ]

...I was thinking of my mother, and then Victoria popped in my head -- the star! I was thinking of the star! Then why- then why am I here in a fountain? On top of a woman! There's no star around here! Is this ruddy candle broken or something?

[ equally stunned silence but not of astonishment...unless you count astonishment by what Yvaine considers the closest personification of the word idiocy she's ever been so unfortunate to encounter ] ...of course. It had nothing to do with you not being able to follow simple directions. [sarcasm, would you like some more? because there IS more...lots]

You're unnecessarily cruel, you know that?

Only if you've earned it!

How have I earned it? I haven't done anything to you!


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