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I pressed the button on my box last week.

I did it with full confidence, despite knowing that I would hurt someone- for all I know, I could have even killed someone. I- I can't I can't say I don't regret it, now that I've received nothing except guilt, but... you have to realize that I had to do it. I have to go home to Victoria. Don't all of you understand? I can't remain here and spend unnecessary hours waiting, not when I've got less than a week left. Less than a weak to determine the rest of my life.

The right thing to do- the way I can make up for it all, would be to give away my mushroom. Remember that incident with the bear? I still have it on me-- that magical mushroom which can restore a single life. And to consider how many people have died even this month...

But I won't be giving it to anyone. I need to save it for Yvaine or myself because how could I deliver a star to Victoria if the star dies? It's not so unlikely at this point- I suppose living forever's enough to make some people do just about anything, but all I want is Victoria.

If I can't win Victoria's hand in marriage, then what else do I have? The humdrum of mediocrity day in and day out?

I'm just a shopboy, you know. You can't expect so much out of me.
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[ The sound of chirping crickets has become the usual chorus for Tristan's posts, but today there's an added hoot of an owl ]

Alright. Fine, fine- You know what, Yvaine? I give up.


[ Oh look, he's scared away all the birds from the trees again. ]

I've been wandering around bloody forest for nearly a month now. A month! I've searched for you in every nook and cranny— through the City proper, the beach, that park. I would have nearly trekked up that mountain if I hadn't decided to be sensible for once.

I know you don't want to be found. And yes, you have- you have a valid reason, but at least- At least-

At least tell me you're all right? Please.

[ A gap of silence - a few minutes of it, to be exact. ]

I just want to go home. I never- I never wanted this type of adventure, I mean- I've never even been out of Wall! It doesn't help that I've spent almost the entire time in this stinking- [ the sound of a thump as he kicks a tree] bloody forest.

And of course the City wants to rub it in my face! Let's bring in two men that look like your Father and put them right in front of you so you won't forget.

"Chaining up a woman, what would your father think?"

"Oh, look! It's not-you-father. Doesn't that make you think of home? By the way, how's Victoria doing- Wait, I forgot you're stuck in this City!"

I just-

[ a frustrated sigh, followed by another thump as he abuses the tree once more. Sadly, he ends up hurting himself rather than the trunk of the tree.]

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Yvaine? Yvaine?



[ that last yell sent birds flying from their tress, if the sudden rush of chittering was any hint. yes, he's still in the forest after three weeks. ]

Where did you run off to? Honestly, this place is dangerous. You- You could get yourself hurt, and then I'd-

[ paaause, wait! here comes the light bulb, and he takes the communicator out of his pocket, snapping it on...only to realize it was already on in the first place. ]

...Blasted thing. There's no sense to how it works, turning off and on like its got a mind of its own. Probably does have a mind of its own, if you ask me.

Anyways, what was I, oh-

Hello, City? Everyone? I was wondering- I was wondering if any of you have seen a woman wandering around? Blonde hair, silver dress, insufferable temperament. Yells and complains quite a lot, so I'm sure it's not hard to miss her.

[ crickets chirp, and yes those are actual crickets. ]

I've got to find her. She's a star, you see- I'm sure this is the first time she's touched ground in ... in centuries, and she could easily get hurt running off by herself. So if any of you see her, would you please direct her to me? Or rather, actually- Would you tell me where she is?

My thanks for your assistance.
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...heLlO , m y nammE is Tr Istan.,

[ a soft click and buzz as he switches to audio. an aggravated sigh, followed by a man's voice - there's an noticeable British inflection to it (region unnamed, so stereotype it? |D). ]

I thought I'd give 'typing' a try, but ... well, I'd like to finish this before the end of the month. And I'm really not- I'm really not too sure how this network thing functions either. I write a letter on this box and somehow others can see it? And then they write responses to it on their own box? Sort of like an actual letter, except it's like the person's right in front of you. Except they're somehow not. Magic?

Anyways- Er. Hullo. I'm Tristan.

...I'm not really supposed to be here. You see, I had this magical transporting-candle, and it was meant to bring me to my Mother; however-- [a stifled sigh] Obviously, I messed up. My thoughts wandered and so here I am: A magical world, but the wrong magical world.

[ silence and a bit of inaudible muttering. if you listen closely, you can hear the chirping of crickets. or maybe even the distant yell of a woman ]

Would anyone lend me a map? I've been attempting to route a way out of here with no luck. And I've got to- I really need to leave this place soon. I promised Victoria I would return in a week, and it's already been four days. And this won't be a promise I'll be breaking. Not to mention, I've got heavy baggage on me.

[ pause ]

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