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❂ six | audio post

The streets were awfully crowded for a Sunday, even if I admittedly haven't been here many Sundays yet. I can still count the number on my fingers. And hopefully I'll be able to keep them on my fingers.

Victoria is still waiting for me back home, and I do miss Wall a lot.

Right, so- Is there a street festival this weekend? I haven't seen any decorations up, or if they're all just visitors... then- then we should ask them how they got here in the first place.

With many people coming in? There must be a way out.

[ooc: Fourth wall the shit out of him. Duplicates allowed, but he'll probably forget those the next day. ;; ]

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Why does your hair look like that?


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What- What's the matter with my hair?


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When you cut it like that and part it in the middle it makes your forehead look enormous.

I'm telling you this because I love you.


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What do you mean? I- I think it looks perfectly fine, there isn't a thing wrong with it--

My forehead looks normal.


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Look at the proportions! So much forehead. Try something new when you get the chance.


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And what sort of new hairstyle would you suggest?


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More bangs at least.

It is your head after all, if you're okay with what you have. I mean really okay with it....disregard.

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How many more bangs could I have? They're all across my forehead, aren't they?

I... never thought there was anything wrong with my hair. But two people now? That must mean...

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Oh, Tristan, darling, there's nothing wrong with your hair. It's just not right!

I think it's time for a ~makeover~!!!!


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You- You're frightening- You come on a bit too strong, you know that?

And while I appreciate everyone's concern, my hair will be staying the way it is.


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I'm sorry. I just know you so well already! I keep forgetting you don't know me.

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, Tristan, you MUST let me do something! I can work magic with a comb and scissors!

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Victoria? Tristan, my dear boy, why are you still thinking about Victoria?


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Because I love her.


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Who are you? How- How do you know my name? Victoria's name, for that matter!

not enough Captain Shakespeare icons in the world sob

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Oh dear. I was afraid this might happen, ever since I heard about how crazy this place is.

I'm Captain Shakespeare. I'm a friend of yours. And trust me, you do not love Victoria. You may fancy her pretty face now, but you will come to understand what true love is. And it will glow brighter in your heart than what you feel for Victoria now.


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Shakespeare is a poet. You're not a friend of mine. And trust me, I- I do love Victoria and I fancy more than her pretty face. I love her soul.

And I understand what true love is.
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No, you don't. But you will.
funkybrewsta: ([Bones]: angela/bones - party girls)

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Dude, you got owned by a mouse.

funkybrewsta: ([Misc.]: jennifer - living it up)

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You totally did. Everybody saw it. You got your ass kicked by his little tiny feetsies.

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Rather I stepped on his tail and he squealed.
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Uh huh. And by stepping on his tail, you ended up on the floor. Nice lie there, you big failure.

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I tripped on a tree root that was sticking out from the ground.

...How des she know?!

audio; she took a long time to decide whether or not to ...say hello T.T

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You can count? Better than you are with directions, I hope.

audio; unhackable forever; ttly quick

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[The briefest glimpse of Rilian was a blessing, but he'd not seen a glimpse of her at all.]

I'm going to find you.

audio; unhackable forever; she listened and noted

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I can count! I've counted the number of times you've insulted me. They definitely don't fit on my fingers, Yvaine.

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Then you had better not lose any of the ones you've still got.

/doesn't know something is off idk tristan oblivious forever

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Well, I- I certainly don't intend to. Which means I shouldn't be getting into anymore fights with small woodland creatures.

SOB well it makes sense ;-; <3

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[ pause ]

Have you puzzled out the matter of the lioness in the living room yet?

[ as in, what she idiot, Tristan ]

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Considering how I'd been complaining about lions earlier, I figure the City must have done it. Who else could make a lion talk?

[ brain = metal wall. ]

...Are you all right, Yvaine? A better mood for once? Impossible!

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Obviously the City was responsible for drawing her out.

I barely remember you this way anymore, you know.


[ worried he might be catching on to something being she digs through her memories and...]

...honestly it's a wonder that poor excuse for a bear didn't accidentally break you rather than the other way around.

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Fine. Ignore me when I try to be considerate.

Can we get off subject of the bear? We- We've certainly beat that horse to death already.
Edited 2009-11-03 23:25 (UTC)

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Oh have we? Are you sure?

[ wry amusement ]

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You know, I did it to save you. You could at least not insult me about it.


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Did you even then? Well.

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[ sarcasm, it is still alive and her ]

Let me write that down.

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[ Never will it die. ]

...Are you sure you're all right? I'm used to far more venom from her...