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[series]: Stardust (Movie)
[character]: Tristan Thorn

[character history / background]: It's a Bubbling Candle!

[character abilities]: From when I'm taking him now? Nothing, really. However, by the second half of the movie, he's rather skilled with the sword - probably enough to be a challenge for many in a duel.

[character personality]:

When we first meet Tristan Thorn, we see him completely enamored and obsessed with a single woman. With his world centered on his supposed “one true love,” there leaves little room for common sense. Such is why he would lose his job over this one girl, spend his entire savings in one shot for her, claim to cross the oceans just to reach the gold fields of San Francisco for her, or why – in his own words - he would "go over the wall and bring back her back a shooting star.” Every motion of his life is consumed in capturing her heart, yet for all his gilded words and dreams, it’s ultimately a futile effort.

For as Victoria, his besought lover puts it; people like the two of them don’t work together. Because as tireless an effort Tristan makes, he’s still just Tristan Thorn. He isn’t like Humphrey, a man with unwavering aplomb and an ego the size of the moon. He is just a shop boy, kind-hearted but unremarkable in every way. It doesn’t help that he’s not good at anything.

However, this interpretation of Tristan is less my own, and more so Tristan’s own perception of himself. He is a boy lacking in confidence, with a constant stutter and hesitancy to his voice – as if unsure of his own words. So it’s only natural that he’d have such a poor view of himself. But there is more to this boy, more than being forever unremarkable.

We must not forget that Tristan has a capability to be incredibly selfish, or extremely love struck depending on how you want to look at it. Good points must be mirrored in negatives, you know. Selfish or lovestruck, there’s no excuse to chain up an injured woman and drag her across field and forest just so you can deliver her as a “gift.” But perhaps there is an excuse in Tristan’s mind, since nothing applies when trying to earn Victoria’s heart. It’s like he sees Yvaine not for the living, breathing being that she is, but something more like a commodity - a hunk of space rock. Thankfully, this is not a permanent fixture of his nature. Perhaps it would be right to say that Tristan eventually grows out of it. Tristan’s true nature is that of kind-hearted sort of character; someone with a perpetual grin on his face and a desire to help those that might need his aid. The makings of hero, perhaps? That is, when his mind is clouded with delusions of Victoria’s love.

In fact, his entire adventure to the world of Stormhold is a growing experience for him. By the end of the movie, we see him exude confidence and take charge. In his gait, the way he holds his back straight and his words firm without pause and stutter. He always had the potential, really. Even back in the days of old Tristan Thorn, we see that he’s not shy to use sarcasm, argue, or even call Yvaine a stupid cow. The potential was always there. It was just a matter of finding it, to realize that even someone seemingly unremarkable could lead the most remarkable life.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: While he's in transport after using the Babylon Candle.


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